Alison Francis, who is better known by her Guru name, Anandi, has broken through the barrier of sleep deprivation and depression.

Alison Francis, who is better known by her Guru name, Anandi, has broken through the barrier of sleep deprivation and depression when fighting her own insomnia lasting 15 years. After a trial of sleeping tablets lasting just one day, she realised they were not for her.

Anandi came across a natural health therapy known as Ayurveda which originated from ancient India. The therapy uses a variety of different exercises which includes breathing techniques to maintain balance. Anandi believes that if her life goes out of balance, she suffers and Ayurveda teaches how to sustain balance.

Anandi, who is based in London and travels widely explains, “The custom-tailored Ayurvedic approach is the key to getting long term results and total relief from insomnia.”

The sleep guru has many useful tips that can help improve a night’s sleep:

• Avoid caffeine and alcohol
• Lengthen and deepen the breath which calms the mind
• A busy mind is never going to sleep well – a daily ritual that nurtures the soul is vital for relaxed slumber
• Go to bed early and avoid technology. Perhaps read a book
• Enjoy a diet with plentiful fruit and vegetables
• Turn the lighting down in the evening
• Avoid heavy conversations before bed time
• Keep your bedroom tidy and free of clutter.

Many more helpful tips can be found in Anandi’s first book called ‘Breathe Better, Sleep Better’. The book offers many practical tools which can help detox the digestive system, calm the nervous system and stimulate the circulatory system. ‘Breathe Better, Sleep Better’ will soon be available online or direct from her website.

With her experience with the Ayurveda treatment, Anandi has developed her own way of helping others with insomnia by creating a ‘Personal Sleep Review’. It begins with an interview with the guru herself who then creates a unique assessment plan to conquer insomnia. She examines every aspect of an individual’s life to figure out what could be causing insomnia and the best approach for treatment.

This regime starts with a complimentary 15 minute discovery call by phone or Skype to discuss the client’s current situation with insomnia and to discuss what’s possible. The process starts with an intensive online questioning process, followed by the appropriate consultation choice. Prices range from £195 to £1,495.

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