Amy decided to go from a deep rich brunette which had been previously coloured many times including at one point a red which notoriously difficult to eliminate. The integrity of Amy’s hair was paramount importance, therefore, this was a process that had to be done it stages. Stage one using SmartBond by L’Oreal was to lighten Amy’s hair, excluding the roots. This was then washed off and blasted dry. Stage two was lightening Amy’s roots and again the rest of hair, again using SmartBond by L’Oreal to maintain the integrity of her hair. All the while Wesley and Karen kept a very close eye on how Amy’s hair was developing.

When her was ready, Amy was taken to the backwash and was washed with Alterna Recovery Shampoo (Protein Based) and then toned, again using SmartBond by L’Oreal, to achieve the desired colour.

Once the Toner was rinsed off, Amy’s hair was conditioned using Alterna Recovery Conditioner (Protein Based) and then rinsed. Wesley cut and blow dried her hair using the Alterna Protein Cream to keep Amy’s hair as healthy as it was prior to the service. Paint Bar Hale

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