So I was sat at my dentists a few weeks ago having a check up and we were disguising the future of teeth and where things were going in the dentistry world. I asked a question?

“What would you like to see happen to move things forward in your business”

The answer: We would like to see the water you use to clean your mouth after your check-up to be blackcurrant in flavour. Well I was shocked that this would be top of the list? I expected some ground breaking glimpse into the future.

Well he asked me “what do you think will happen” well here it is this is what I think will happen in years to come. I believe brushing your teeth is now out of date and more and more children have rotten teeth due to excess sugar in their diet and not looking after their teeth.

In the future gone is tooth paste, gone is tooth brush, gone is mouthwash, gone yellow teeth and gone is plaque to be replaced with a man made micro biotic organism which eats plaque and food debris from all around your mouth and teeth while you sleep.

I know what you are thinking but stay with me I am not officially mad just yet.


Imagine no visits to the dentist no brushing no worrying about your teeth or bad breath, it can and will happen and I will tell you how.

It is simple you with either dissolve a tablet on your tongue or drink a probiotic drink containing these bugs before you go to bed and let the micro bugs clear away all your plaque and food waste while you sleep.

These tiny creatures are made to live and breed in your mouth and these bugs you cannot see with the naked eye and you would not notice any change to your mouth other than having beautiful clean teeth for the rest of your life without any effort.

As long as you drink or take the tablet daily you would be guaranteed excellent teeth, we see this symbiotic lifestyle in nature all over our planet and these manmade supper bugs will be man’s best friend in the future performing many tasks in and on your body.

Just imagine what the NHS spends on teeth and dentists and the savings they could make.


We now have a big sugar problem many of us are gaining weight and eating badly consuming far too much sugar and on the front line of this abuse are our teeth. Using the new bugs would allow our government to reduce their spending on teeth problems over a long period of time; we would be left with a population in the future with no problems with their mouth or teeth and a lot less dentists.

The dentist would not disappear totally but the amount would be vastly reduced and you would be left with a few that specialize in certain areas like braces. I have found no evidence on the internet that this is available today and I have found no research.

So am I mad or could this be the start of manmade bugs being the next big thing for mankind. Will we see any of the big pharmaceutical companies in the near future investing in RD to make this happen? These companies stand to make billions should my idea come to life.