Sohale has been providing residents of Hale Village with local news for just over 10 months now with great success and a monthly readership of over 32,000 per month.

 “Like an Ice Berg there is a lot more behind this Platform than meets the eye”

Founders Mark & Janet Jackson set up The So Group in January 2016, husband and wife team who live in Hale Village wanted a good news platform for Hale Village and surrounding area and their first site to represent their brand is So/Hale.

Sohale do not charge residents or local businesses for any stories appearing on their platform, Mark Jackson Founder of SoGroup said:

“It is very hard when you are staring out in any business and it is a struggle to find anyone who is willing to champion your cause without any charge”.

“We looked at the current model ran by many other local online sites and decided to offer stories for free for ever on our platform”.

“By the nature of what we do stories are the building blocks of a successful platform and without these we are nothing”

“We started out with a very basic platform with a very basic site with little or no room to make changes and felt it was holding our business and brand back so we developed a bespoke package that now sits online on a Cloud Server”.

“We have been very happy with the response so far and we are very excited about the launch of our new platform”.

“The future is bright for us and we aim to be App based within 18 months”.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our easy to navigate, modern looking and up to date platform and would like to thank the whole team at Whatever and Co Hale Village for all their hard work and helping make the dream happen,

“Online all the Time”

Editors Comments:  “News-Online-Anytime” our platform is read by over 32,000 visitors a month, and is the fastest growing Lifestyle Magazine for Hale Village and beyond.  #sobrand #so #sohale