I have worked with some of the best fitness trainers, coaches and conditioners from across the globe. With over 10 years’ experience in health and fitness at an elite level I am available to empower you to achieve your goals at the: Marriott Leisure Club Hale Barns Club membership not required.

Whether you prefer one-to-one sessions for support and motivation, or group sessions so you can train with friends, I will tailor a package to suit your needs. I have worked with clients ranging from beginners to elite athletes and am able to design a bespoke programme to help you achieve your goals.

All programmes are backed up by 24 hour support and include personalised training programmes to keep you on track between training sessions with me. You don’t need to worry about anything other than turning up at the Marriott Leisure Club and its fabulous facilities. I can also arrange home personal training if you wish.

I’ll be happy to have a chat about your specific goals and how I can best help you to achieve them. Please contact me for a free consultation.

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Client Testimonials

My clients are very happy with the results they’ve had with me as their personal trainer. Here are just some of the reviews from my Facebook by satisfied clients. Sara Fantastic!!

I’ve always done various forms of exercise from dance to horse riding, skiing, bootcamp, tough mudder, crossfit, golf and needed that extra push to get really fit. Andy has kept me motivated week after week, kept me focused and even helped me eat more healthily.

After I had an injury earlier in the year Andy tailored my plan so I could continue to train. His expertise is fantastic, he is tough, motivational, fun and extremely inspiring and never lets you give up. Each session is really varied and never boring. Andy has given me more body confidence and my shape is now much more toned. I look forward to training every week.


Thanks Andy, brilliant!!! Gracie Training with Andy is easy, he makes it challenging, he pushes me and he works within the realms of what he knows I can do to push myself, even when I don’t believe it! Andy is encouraging, funny, energetic and hardworking, he tailors his solutions around individuals and appreciates that one size doesn’t fit all. You work together on your goals and keep things changing so your body doesn’t get too used to what you do. I have had a period of time out due to unforeseen illness, yet Andy has still been there for me, checking in with me, offering advice and diet support and caring about my general wellbeing.

I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Andy to achieve the goals that you don’t even know you have yet. He is unpretentious and a lovely character (even when I’m begging him to let me stop). I walk away from every session feeling absolutely fantastic and I have a new appreciation for fitness and rehabilitation. I have more confidence and I can face challenging situations better. He has given me a better state of mind as well as much better fitness.

Andy Yates
A.B. Yates – Personal Fitness Solutions
+44 (0)7743 109 526

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