It’s that time of year again – the countdown to Christmas has begun; meaning plans for your annual office party will undoubtedly be set in motion. Whether you’ll be dining at a fine restaurant or going out for drinks, Christmas parties allow colleagues to bond and relax away from their desks, creating memories (and some regrets) that’ll be the talk of next year.

However, amongst all the festivities, did you know you could actually be burning quite a few calories? Check out these Christmas party classics that can surprisingly shed your seasonal calories from the health and fitness advisors atDiscount Supplements:

How Many Calories Are in the Average Christmas Meal?

Let’s face it, we all love tucking into a Christmas dinner; making a restaurant an ideal choice for a work’s gathering. Typically, whilst we’re indulging in our festive feast, we seem to forget the amount of calories we’re consuming, in fact – studies show we gain between 1lb – 13lbs over the Christmas period.

These statistics aren’t too surprising, for the average Christmas meal contains 1992kcal, with most of them coming from starchy favourite roast potatoes (3=520kcal), protein packed turkey (208kcal) and the classic Christmas pudding (330kcal). Overall, this amounts to almost an entire daily calorie intake for men and women in one meal and 4 slices of Yule log! Considering you’ll be eating a second on Christmas day with family and friends away from work, these numbers are certainly a cause for concern…
How Much Exercise is required to Burn these Calories?

Once the New Year rolls in, several of us set a resolution to shed our winter weight gain. Last year, weight loss came top for the most popular New Year’s resolution, amounting to 38% in total. However, with our Christmas meals overloaded with calories, burning this amount certainly seems a challenge.

According to the NHS, adults aged 19-64 should do a minimum of 150 minutes (2.5 hours) of moderate aerobic activity (cycling or fast walking) and strength-related exercises (weight lifting or yoga) on two days or more. Sadly this target isn’t being met, for less than 5% of adults participate in 30 minutes of physical activity each day, with time limitations being the main cause.
The above research indicates that in order to burn 1992kcal – the average Christmas dinner, you will need to run for 125 minutes, cycle for 175 minutes or walk for 250 minutes; with us failing to schedule enough exercise to lose the excess weight gained from overindulging at Christmas, it seems unlikely a dramatic transformation will occur. Although, with dancing a possibility to burn calories, perhaps you could use your Christmas party as an opportunity to burn calories whilst enjoying yourself?

Dance off the Calories:
Dancing is a Christmas party fundamental; especially once the drinks start flowing. There’s nothing better than seeing your usually quiet and sensible colleagues showing off their embarrassing moves to cheesy music. However, amongst all that entertainment, you could actually be burning an astonishing amount of calories. After all, who’s to say exercise can’t be fun?

Remember – the amount of dancing required to burn off the Christmas pounds will differ from a high-intensity activity, so expect to be dancing for long periods. Swing dancing for 1 hour can burn 300-550 kcal, which is equivalent to three roast potatoes; whilst the more intensive break dancing will burn 400-650kcal per hour, amounting to three glasses of mulled wine. Unfamiliar with these highly skilled routines? Try the running man to burn 475-600kcal after 30 minutes or the robot to burn 60-75 kcal after 30 minutes.

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