Lively, fashionable and accessible – Studio G is the new name in contemporary fabrics and wall coverings.

Clarke & Clarke’s talented design team is at the heart of this fresh new brand, bringing design provenance to unique collections that deliver trend savy designs and colours at an affordable price.

Eclectic in its inspiration and sure to bring the feel-good factor to modern homes, Studio G is designed with aspirational and fashion aware customers in mind. Studio G was launched today check out our full range HERE.

NEW COLLECTIONS: Explore the latest unique and distinctive collections from the studio, brought to you hot off the drawing board. Enjoy browsing our new ranges!

batik1  batik2

BATIK: Bursting with lively colour, Batik takes inspiration from Indonesian tie-dye techniques. Watercolour effects and eye-popping colours against an ivory background create a fresh, exotic look. Printed on 100% cotton and with PVC coated options, Batik is suitable for drapes, cushions, blinds and light upholstery.

linum1  linum2

LINUM: Gorgeous contemporary shades and subtle linen texture effects give interest and versatility to this simple yet sophisticated printed collection. Suitable for drapes and light upholstery with PVC coated options, the wide choice of colours make Linum the perfect option for both classical and contemporary colour schemes.

sav1  sav2

SAVANNAH: The intense drama of Africa’s sweeping landscape influence this collection of beautiful woven fabrics. Available in 30 colours, each with a distinctive multicoloured silk look, Savannah is a sophisticated choice for drapes.

graph1  graph2

GRAPHICA: Pastel shades and sorbet colours are at the heart of this zesty collection of retro, geometric prints. Printed on 100% cotton panama fabric with PVC coated options, these uplifting fabrics bring a modern look to any home.

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