Sohale have been working closely with The SoGroup Cheshire for over 3 months now, the group which invest in new ideas and free thinking have been advising SoHale and watching their new found growth since the launch of their new platform and website in December 2016.

The SoGroup Cheshire is part of LT Financial a board of successful entrepreneurs who have backed new businesses around the Manchester and Cheshire area.

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LT Financial said: “We are always looking for inward investment in young and dynamic businesses; we noticed SoHale about 10 months and like their way of reporting news their strong Twitter following and their unique way of supporting all businesses large or small across Cheshire”.


“The team at SoHale is another strong reason why we invested. The husband and wife team Founder and Co Founder Mark & Janet Jackson work hard on innovation for this sector and want to keep their site moving forward with cutting edge technology.  SoHale has a bright future and we are proud of what they have achieved in a very short space of time”.

SoHale Said: “We want to thank our new investors LT Financial and The SoGroup Cheshire for their help, support and commitment over the past 3 months, we are very excited to be working alongside some very successful local entrepreneurs and look forward to a very exciting 2017”.

Sohale is a standalone Hale based family run platform we are proud to be independent and passionate about delivering  News-Online-Anytime.