Funzee, the online adult onesie retailer, predict that sales of matching onesies will be a big hit this Christmas


Matching onesies will be big this Christmas according to Funzeethe online retailer. Funzee have been designing and selling adult onesies since 2009 and they have seen many changes in the market. Since they sell all over Europe and the USA they are well placed to see trends in the market. It’s no surprise that Quarter 4 is the main selling season for adult onesies but according to their research matching onesies will be a big seller this gift season. In the USA there is a tradition of having family pyjamas at Christmas so buyers are looking for items with a good size range and which will appeal to both sexes. In recent months funzee have seen an increase in couples buying each other matching onesies and they expect that trend to continue. In response, they have extended their adult onesie range this year with the introduction of Zooland funzee, a penguin print on pale blue cotton of course, and Elfie funzee which is red and green festive stripes. For those who like footed pyjamas, Elfie has both footed and unfooted options. Both these new styles come in seven adult sizes which means a comfortable fit for most of those between about 5ft and 6ft 4.

Funzee point out that in the UK the sales peak is quite simple, being mainly centred around the first two weeks of December. However in the USA Halloween is a big market, as adult onesies can make a base for a great costume, followed by Black Friday, Thanksgiving and then Cyber Monday. In Germany, as well as the main Christmas peak, there is another buying spree before a carnival which will fall at the end of February in 2017. And in China the big online shopping day is November 11th or Singles Day. This is a relatively recent phenomenon but is now seen as an excuse to spend money on yourself, go out with your single friends or end your single status by getting married. So there are plenty of opportunities to buy matching onesies and Funzee have even had enquiries from couples who wanted to get married in them.

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