I have always loved the beginning of a new year. For me, it represents mystery, excitement and new adventures. It’s filled with opportunity to plant new seeds or watch older ones grow.

If you want to – this time of the year is perfect to wipe the slate clean and begin afresh with renewed ideas and energy.

Maybe it’s because I have kept a yearly diary since 1990 and so literally – the New Year is a time to begin a new chapter/story.


It’s a great moment to reflect on the previous year, take all those learnings and then set your intention for the year ahead. It’s about letting go of everything that didn’t work for you or serve you over the last 12 months (people and experiences) and embrace change and a different challenge for the New Year.

‘Losing sight of shore’ involves an element of risk and being brave enough totake that leap of faith. I seem to have made a habit of figuratively losing sight of shore over the years and, as most of you know, I took that expression very literally last year.


So, I would like to share my top 3 tips to gain confidence whilst losing sight of shore:

1.           Develop techniques to believe in yourself 

During those inevitable moments of self-doubt and uncertainty, make sure that you have a number of techniques in place to deploy when those limiting beliefs start screaming through your mind. These negative beliefs are strong and will always make an effort to over throw any form of positivity. Don’t give them any power. Observe them, smile knowingly and then let them go.

Whatever you need to do to snap yourself out of the negativity, break that state of mind and bring yourself back to the moment – do it!

– play a song that always makes you feel energised and confident

– put together a collection of testimonials of your work and re-read when necessary

– develop a mantra that will shift your mindset back to a positive one

– remind yourself of your original motivation for the goal

– speak to a friend/family member/work colleague that you know is your no. 1 fan and always makes you feel good

– go for a workout/run/swim

– look at a photo that brings back very strong and positive memories for you
– concentrate of what’s around you. Pay attention to your environment
– smile

2.           Celebrate small successes

To help us to enjoy the journey – we have to appreciate the little things along the way. Every day I will make an effort to celebrate a small success. Find a highlight. Anything to look for the positive in the situation you’re in. It’s amazing what you find when you are actively looking for it. Boarding a train early and getting a good seat, having a wonderful nights sleep, a great workout at the gym – where you push extra hard, a particularly tasty meal, a surprise email, new business, a referral, the sun shining or a clear run of traffic lights! It doesn’t matter how small – celebrate it!

3.           Hold yourself accountable 

Make sure that you hold yourself accountable for everything you decide to do. It’s a lot easier to push yourself harder when there are others that are checking in with you or you have made an outside commitment to someone other than yourself.

– Get those goals out of your head and then write them down, tell someone, post them on social media or get yourself an accountability partner or coach to support, guide and challenge you through the process. Now you have to take action. Whatever the goal you set – share it!

So…I suppose – in a nutshell…the tips for January and dealing with the uncertainty of losing sight of shore and some new challenges ahead are to simply:

Do it. Celebrate it. Share it.

Happy 2017 and good luck with your year ahead!
Natalia x

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