Did you know I can help you sell the items you no longer need? By selling them on eBay we can turn those unwanted items into cash.

Did you know I sell furniture?

Did you know I can sell fixtures and fittings if you are having your home renovated/rebuilt?

Did you know I can sell your designer items?

Did you know I can sell various household items?

But I cannot sell children or partners!

Marriage; Children; Divorce; Redundancy!

Having faced many of life’s challenges very little phases me anymore!

I began life as a Bank Clerk in the mid-80s at the Royal Bank of Scotland before moving into Personnel, or rather Human Resources as it is now officially called. Then I spent a number of years specialising in recruitment.

Two children and one divorce later I stubbornly wanted to be at home to ensure some stability for my one and three year old. Selling my own bits and pieces on eBay, I worked part time locally, making sure I was home for school runs and after school ferrying around.

With my reputation for being a bit of an eBay addict, friends and family, who were not keen on sitting down at their pc after a day’s work, began to ask me to sell their items on eBay.

As the requests mushroomed I set up my own business many years ago ‘Let Liz … Clean Up Your Clutter’ and suddenly found myself inundated with other peoples clutter.

Redundancy in early 2011 gave me the opportunity to see if I could make a living from this unusual role I had carved out for myself.

Based near Manchester Airport, I have over 10 years’ experience of selling on eBay and have a pretty good feel and understanding for what will sell. My children are now teenagers and I make a living by selling other peoples items as a full time career.

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