The people in Hale Village you should know about people like Keith Neal,  a local resident and a key component to the success of the Hale litter pick.

Keith and his volunteers meet at St Peters Church once a month these are no ordinary volunteers they give up their Sunday mornings come rain or shine collecting rubbish off the streets of Hale Village (mainly centered around Ashley road and the heart of the village).

I attended a pick earlier last year and the enthusiasm to make and keep Hale clean is infectious  I enjoyed meeting with other Hale residents who just wanted to help. KEEP HALE TIDY

Anybody can join in “the more the merrier” Keith and his volunteers usually pick between 20/30 black bin bag liners of rubbish all types from takeaway cartons, pop bottles, sweet wrappers and they do find some unusual items around the bowling green area.

Pickers had concerns about the amount of small silver canisters they found around the bowling green and said:

“We are seeing an increase over the past months and it concerns me, I know laughing gas is used across many parts of the UK but still shocking to find it happening in the evening in and around the bowling green on such a large scale.”

These people do a fantastic job why not show support at the next big litter pick which is Clean for the Queen weekend which Ia on a Saturday morning 10.00-11.30 on 5th March with a cup of coffee at St Peter’s House afterwards.

Keith was also keen to thank Our Altrincham run by Sarah Walmsley this is a very successful group of litter pickers based in Altrincham who gave advise and loan of their equipment to help with the Hale pick.

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