So I basically didn’t know what I wanted to do when I was in sixth form, being 17/18 I don’t think many people know what they want to do but I was achieving high grades and so my teachers suggested I do something like a law degree because I would easily get in and it involved the skills that I had gained such as good critical analysis etc.
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So I went to Newcastle Uni and I did Law, achieving a 2:1 and then I did a couple of internships for different law firms and it wasn’t for me so I got offered a job in the Finance department at Bupa which I worked in for approximately 2 years before I handed in my resignation.  I learnt so much from working in an office from the basics of running a huge multinational business to how to deal with people in the workplace but I knew a 9-5 wasn’t ever going to be for me.
From school I had always done things my way, I didn’t always do things the way teachers had asked which used to drive them mad sometimes but I always came out with the top grades in the class so I guess I have always just had to walk my own path and try things before I find out what works for me but I always ensure work my hardest to ensure everything I do is a success.
Were your family and friends suprised by your decision?
Everybody was surprised by my decision, they panicked at first and a number of friends I have lost along the way because they just haven’t been able to understand that sometimes I can’t do things because I have to work into the night or I had investments to make so I had to miss out on holidays etc. I actually act as a business mentor for my best friend now who wants to start her own business as I think like a lot of people she has the skills to make her own empire she just doesn’t know where to start.  I’ve never really had a huge fear so for me handing in my resignation was something that excited me and drove me rather than worried me, luckily I had my partner Matt who supports me through absolutely everything and will always not only encourage me but show me that anything is possible.
You have over 3,000 subscribers on your youtube account, what are the aims of the vlogs you post?
With my Youtube I started it as a way to show people my favourite workouts and what it involved prepping for a fitness competition at a world level as I used to get asked a lot, however once my latest competition was over i had a few personal issues such as having problem skin and having surgery re-done so I thought that rather than try and hide these things that I’m sure thousands of women go through every day I thought I would make some videos talking about them and just sharing my experience so people didn’t feel so alone and the response was overwhelming.  I never realised how much you can help someone by just letting people know that is’s normal and you have been through it too and so that part of what I do is really important to me.
Congratulations on 1st place at the WBFF UK competition, what does this mean to you?
Thank you, first place for me meant I could eat donuts! Haha but really it meant the world I actually cried a little when I got off stage.  I had quit my job 6 months prior and I guess this was the first achievement that really kickstarted what I’m doing today and made me believe that actually anything is possible that you put your mind to.
When training for a competition, what does your daily routine involve?
Comp prep is hard, anybody who has been through it themselves or with a loved one knows it’s not something to be taken lightly.  I have tons of people ask me about competing and if they don’t seem sure I tell them not to do it, this isn’t because I’m being negative but personally I think it’s one of the most testing things you can do and if you’re not into it 200% and determined that you’re going to win, it won’t be worth it.  Daily routine would involve waking up at 5.30, having hot water with lemon and my supplements, taking my progress pictures and measurements to send to my coach and then going to the gym to do cardio for between 30-45 minutes.  I then eat egg whites and my daily coffee and head back to the gym for a weights session, usually either upper or lower body. I would then usually come home to eat oats with water and almond butter and get to work either heading to meetings or sitting on calls, throughout the day I will drink between 4 to 5 litres of water and have a further 4 meals of chicken or white fish with veggies.  Energy levels are generally pretty low as calories decrease and it gets closer to competition day, then the week before I will get instructions from my coach on exactly the food to eat and the water to drink each day to ensure my body is in the best condition it can be on stage.
Your lifestyle takes incredible will power, are there any sweet treats you struggle to avoid?
It definitely takes will power and I think the most difficult thing is not being able to socialise with friends, all of the food I eat needs to be cooked by me so I know what its been cooked in and weight out to exact measurements, it’s not very sociable bringing my tupperware to a restaurant! Haha So I think that’s what I struggle with more than anything when I’m on prep, I’m not a massive fan of sweet treats really but definitely the just drinking water at the table with friends is a struggle.
What are your other interests aside from the gym?
I don’t have too much time outside the gym and working all day but I do love skiing when I get the chance to go and we are currently renovating our house therefore I am now a huge new fan of sofas, kitchens, wallpapers, windows, you name it I know them all! Haha.
How do you wind down from your busy schedule?
I generally don’t have much wind down time but I have a guilty pleasure of watching really bad TV shows like Law and Order SVU Haha!  I love watching other YouTubers too, there are quite a few out there who are really inspiring, for example I know some of the beauty influencers have just been chosen for huge campaigns like Loreal and Maybelliene and I think that honestly that shows how important bloggers are these days.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In 5 years I see myself as being happy, doing whatever I’m doing.  If you had asked me 2 years ago did I think I would be running a number of businesses from marketing to clothing to clincs I would think you were mad but that’s my life now and I wake up and absolutely love it.  When opportunities arise for me that get me excited I take the wheel with both hands and give it 100% because I don’t want to look back in years and think I wish I had done that.  Even if I don’t know the first thing about it at the time, I make it my mission to know the ins and outs of it enough to turn it into a successful business.  Opportunity arises every day for everybody I just think many people turn a blind eye rather than being pro-active about how they can really go about making sure they love doing what they do every day, oh and I hope my house is eventually finished so I have a nice new office to work from instead of Starbucks! Haha.
With 263,000 followers on instagram, what do you think your followers gain from your posts?
Inspirartion and workout ideas must be a main reason.
I absolutely love hearing from my followers on Instagram, and across all my social media really.  I do think that on Instagram I tend to post most fitness content as that’s what people engage with the most and I just want to show people that it is possible to keep on top of your fitness and reach your goals whilst you work full time.  I give away a lot of information that I have learnt, almost fitness hacks to make things easier for people as I have probably tried almost every diet out there and I have had a number of coaches so I have found what things are effective and which are  waste of time.  I am always real with my followers, on my account will always be professional photos from shoots mixed with ones taken after a workout with sweat pouring down me and no make up on, I use social media as a tool to inspire other people, whilst there are so many people out there using it to troll and to make nasty comments to others, my aim is to show people to rise above anything and they can be exactly who they want to be.
What message would you send to young girls looking to start out in this industry?
The best message I can send it to be yourself and keep going no matter what, fitness in particular is a brutal industry and there are so many people trying to become a social media star and win competitions and you will get knock backs pretty much weekly it felt like for me at one point, but state true to who you are, don’t settle for less than you want and just be yourself because more than anything that will shine through whether it’s on social media, in a business meeting or on stage!
What 3 items could you not live without?
My Laptop – because my absolute life is on there and I am pretty much on my emails 24/7
Coffee – Starbucks Caramel Coffee Frap with Coconut milk, an extra shot of coffee, no whipped cream and extra sugar free drizzle. Concealer – because most of the time I work into the early hours of the morning but don’t want people to be able to see that!