Barry and Peter of Hogan’s of Hale and The Bistro invited Sohale in to sample their Sunday Lunch.

On Arriving it was lovely to see how busy Sunday Lunch was at this venue. Peter Recommending the Wines we started with Fernlands Sauv Blanc which was a New Zealand white and a firm favourite of the establishment.

Looking at the menu for Sunday Lunch and struggling to decide as we liked just about everything we decided to try all the starters :

Roasted Red Pepper Soup – Smelt and tasted delicious the consistency was beautiful it was lightly spiced and was a true flavour pot.

Crispy squid was encased in a lovely light delicate batter with mayo chilli – it melted and was crispy all in one and being long strips was easy for dipping.

The Chicken Liver Parfait with toasted brioche and home made chutney was super super smooth with tangy chutney and a thin layer of butter which literally melted as you spread it on the brioche accompanied with oiled watercress it all worked.

Goat’s cheese and beetroot salad with walnuts which gave it a crunchy nutty edge and pomegranate with balsamic dressing a lovely light starter packed full of taste.

Onto Mains and we swapped to a red wine off the menu a Spanish tempranillo for the Roast Beef (rib eye) which was beautifully cut and pink in the centre great thin pieces which literally you could pull apart without the need for a sharp knife . We could hear other customers saying that the beef was ‘amazing’ Yorkshire were large light and fluffy, roasties were crispy and mash smooth plain and lovely. Red wine gravy which we covered our plate with was fantastic and the vegetables (choices of three brought to the table separately were cauliflower cheese, red cabbage and cranberries, carrots broccoli and greens beans).

We also sampled the vegetarian meal of Porcini Mushroom Ravioli which was creamy spinach and mushroom sauce, truffle oil and pecorino. This was earthy, woody and the cheese just complimented it. The ravioli was thin and it just shone as a creamy tasting high end filling and comforting blanket of joy and flavours. The chef who cooked this had a good knowledge of pasta and mushrooms.

Not sure we had room for anything else we went on to sample Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Iced Cream and pecans which was warm crunchy lovely and chocolately and hit the spot for sure. The edges were crunchy which was delightful.

The eton mess meringues with strawberries was chewy and gooey the strawberries were lovely and ripe and sweet the sauce was a great accompaniment and displayed in the glass looked lovely.

Hogan’s do a Kids’ menu to so all can eat together enjoying a relaxing Sunday afternoon the venue is spacious, the staff are attentive and the place is light and bright with good views with a great close carpark and is truly family friendly which price conscious food.

We thank Barry Peter and the team for a lovely afternoon and we will be back very very soon.

SoHale can only comment on the food served on the day mentioned, SoHale always work In line with our policy of upfront and honest opinion pieces. SoHale took all photos of the food eaten at the review.

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