Ash and his Chefs Tony and John asked SoHale in to taste their new menu and of course how could we say anything but of course!

Ash and his Chefs Tony and John asked SoHale in to taste their new menu and of course how could we say anything but of course! After letting the pictures be taken of the fantastic food that had been cooked by Tony and John we waited patiently to taste each item and chose the burgers as a place to begin.  HWB –

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They came on a board with slaw on the side and the 5% minced steak which was used to make the burgers was very well seasoned and the burger was moist.  With the meat being of such good quality you can choose how you wish your burger to be cooked something I like very much. The salad accompaniment had a great honey and mustard dressing to it. This dish came with Cajun slaw which had great heat and was really really tasty and lovely fries.

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Next was the OFC – Open field mushroom and halloumi burger which was ‘meaty’ and had gherkins which added a new  depth of flavour again served in the same way as above and was a great alternative to meat. WBC – Tasting something completely different the wild boar and chorizo burger it was strong tasty and a great solid meat burger. Next  we tried the RHMC which was the chef’s favourite and was truly A MASTERPIECE especially served with the hot chilli pepper oil  and we mean hot! Free range chicken was moist tender and beautiful a real winner.

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The scotch eggs were a little different than usual being made from chorizo and sausagemeat and the free range egg in the middle was cooked perfectly and the coating home-made was fab. Sticky beef salad was a firm favourite of the photographer ‘Amy’ and we can see why – it was tasty spicy and colourful.

hwbt1   _dsc8345sky

Halloumi Salad was lovely and lightly tasty with the honey and mustard dressing and was exciting to the eye. Thai Fishcakes made from salmon and cod with fantastic coating and lemongrass and ginger flavours were served with a chilli dipping sauce. The signature ‘Chicken liver pate’ of Hale wine bar certainly did not disappoint having a great red wine topping jelly something we had not seen before and it worked really really well. A masterstroke instead of having butter.

Keen to appeal to all – chef had created a mean and green superfood salad which is a health conscious luncher ‘s perfect plate of food which incorporated asparagus, spinach, advocado and nuts to name a few items in this meal. We also tasted another slaw being celeriac and apple which was refereshing and palate cleansing.

hwbt2  hwbt3

The artisan boards are not to be missed and super for sharing and incorporated some fantastic meats and cheese well presented and the pepper with stuffed cream cheese were lovely and had been soaked lightly in oil. After a brief breather we sampled the crème brulee which was like nothing we had tasted before subtle light and really not to be missed at any cost.

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Alongside we also sampled chocolate layered cheesecake with a mixed berry coulis including whole berries a chocoholic heaven and with the addition of the coulis instead of cream was a lovely touch.

We can honestly say the food here is very very good and we cannot wait until we are back to taste the Christmas menu which is on offer alongside the normal menu throughout December.  Watch this space for the review of that coming very soon.

(amy louise photographer comments)
“Well i have 3 letters to describe Hale Wine Bar’s menu and that is WOW! 
I was asked to come along and take some photo’s of some of the dishes and also to taste them and give my feedback and i can honestly say i was not disappointed. 
Each and every dish had incredible flavour and unique twists you would not find anywhere else, i highly recommend the Crispy Chilli Beef and the Buttermilk Cajun Chicken Burger they were just to die for with the unique home made cajun coleslaw that gave it the amazing spice and flavour (although not so much it was too spicy) and the crispy chilli beef with the gorgeous light noodles could rival any Thai or Chinese restaurant and the best thing about all the meals was they were not heavy, you didn’t leave feeling over faced.
Get yourself to Hale Wine Bar and try these incredible dishes and more for yourself, you will certainly not be disappointed and come away wanting to try more! 
Well done Hale Wine Bar and to the head chef and chefs, i truly take my hat off to you! ” 

SoHale can only comment on the food served on the day mentioned, SoHale always work In line with our policy of upfront and honest opinion pieces. SoHale took all photos of the food eaten at the review.

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