A young mum from Hale aims to get couples across the country dating again, with the company she has launched whilst on maternity leave .Date Delivered provides fun, bespoke dates, beautifully packaged up, and delivered to your doorstep every month.

Millions of couples across the country cannot remember the last time they had a date together and almost one in five people in relationships only manage to do so twice a year*. As Valentine’s Day approaches, Aimee Burgess hopes to start bringing back a bit of romance to those who have forgotten to play together, cannot get babysitters, or cannot afford a big night out on the town.
Aimee Burgess Date Delivered
 Comments Aimee: (Above) “As a mum to two young children, I know how relationships can change. Most of my ‘mum friends’ agree. I became fed up of sitting at opposite ends of the sofa and watching yet another box set. I missed our ‘dating days’. However with a lack of childcare and a limited budget I knew we needed to think a little creatively! That’s why I created Date Delivered”.
 How it works: Date Delivered understands every couple is unique and invites the customer to complete a short, confidential online questionnaire – the ‘Couples Profile’ – which enables the company to create customised date nights, working with a series of high-end third party partners; for example a wine tasting evening, a cocktail making class or a cooking session. Each date is packaged in a stylish box and is catered to the couple, including fun trivia and conversation starters, to steer the chat away from children, work or housework!
DD Cocktails
 The boxes then arrive as a regular treat, costing £33.95 per box, to be delivered every month or once every quarter. You can also give the gift of love as either a one off-treat or a three-month subscription package.
“Relationship experts urge couples to have regular date nights, in order to increase their chances of staying together,” says Aimee.
“We make dating again really simple; we take away the need for planning, babysitters or taxis – you simply provide each other with the good company and we’ll take care of the rest!”