Hale Village is set to get LED “Moonlight” street lights and they should be with us by February 2017, work has already begun in Old Trafford installing the new LED lamp post headers.

The Trafford Street Lighting Strategy (the Strategy) provides a framework for the provision and maintenance of street lighting across the Borough over the next ten years. It balances the need to provide for the safety of road users and pedestrians and support for safe communities with the need to reduce the energy usage and cost associated with street lighting.

In Trafford there are approximately 27,100 street lighting units on the highway network. The stock is of mixed age, condition and specification.

The lighting units are predominantly SON (High Pressure Sodium) or SOX (Low Pressure Sodium) luminaries (lamps). SOX luminaries are no longer in widespread use nationally due to their higher associated energy and maintenance costs compared to alternative options

The Council needs to develop more efficient ways of working in response to economic pressures; the energy costs associated with the operation of street lighting are significant and have been increasing in recent years.

2016 Latest Version Solar LED Street Light–DEL ILLUMINATION

As further development takes place within the Borough there will be a corresponding increase in the need for street lighting and its associated costs. 3.8 Emerging technology, such as Light Emitting Diode (LED) street lights, provide opportunities to reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency and value for money, whilst improving lighting output and colour rendition.

All residents of Trafford including Hale Village need Effective street lighting this enables safe use of the highway for road users and pedestrians and supports strong and safe communities. It represents a key part of the streetscene, can provide an area with a strong visual identity and support economic growth objectives. However it is also a significant consumer of energy and contributor to carbon emissions and light pollution.

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