The Diet Liberation Formula – “Because Healthy Is Happy” What started me in this current line of business?
Recently I experienced some of the toughest years of my life emotionally and physically dealing testicular cancer and the loss of my father to heart disease so this has led me to value my health on a much great level.

For the first 10 years of my career I worked one to one with my clients helping them drop weight fast and dramatically improve their health and wellbeing in a short space of time, but I now need to push my knowledge, experience and passion out there in a much bigger way!

The drive behind this program is to show anyone who wants to drop weight, dramatically improve their health and transform their life that you can actually break free from diets, achieve optimum health and save money while doing it. The great news is that it’s already proving to be a massive success in just a few months of launching.

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My Background
I’m an expert at coaching males and females to get their bodies and LIFE back in shape in the fastest possible time. I work with busy people who lack the confidence and clear action plan they need to get back on track. I’ve worked with celebrities, CEO’s and attend training courses with some of the Worlds leading coaches.

Unlike other coaches I ONLY helped people who want to literally re-invent themselves and unleash confidence. I don’t force anyone into this blueprint if I feel it will not suit them just because it worked for someone else. I have directly worked with around 1,000 clients with laser focused, specific coaching on how to get their confidence back and bodies in shape.

As a result, the clients who attend this program can confidently get unreal results and fast, make healthier decisions quickly and give and receive help from others in our community. They stop wasting time and money doing things that just don’t work and instead follow a clear step by step plan.

In short, this is a plan which gets you off diet plans if that makes sense? One of the biggest problems we see in the world of dieting is people are reinforcing the fact that they need to be ‘on a plan’ to get the results. However, with Diet Liberation Formula you learn how to break free from diets all together and create a healthy eating ‘new normal’!

What is my biggest success story?

I have a few really, but the one that comes to mind is my husband and wife clients ‘Brian and Sarah’. Brian has dropped 9 stone in 18 weeks and Sarah has dropped 5 stone in the same amount of time. The impact this has had on their health and lifestyle in general is unbelievable. They are completely different people physically and mentally. They see life as a joy now instead of being depressed about their social and work life. Brian couldn’t even walk to a shop down the road and now plays football twice a week. Sarah’s able to shop for clothes in ‘normal’ places and has eliminated her anxiety. Both admit they we’re scared of an early death but now are looking forward to a long healthy life. I’ve had lots of stories of my clients reversing type 2 diabetes, eliminating the need for prescription drugs and radically improving their mood by fixing insomnia, anxiety and depression issues.

Brian & Sarah’s first phase of their story is here:
Why does my plan work?

Greg Johnson-sohale-story

The difference is this is not a diet, my mission is to get people to understand that this is a lifestyle choice that is eternal and will never feel like a chore. This is purely an education for you so you never have to guess as to what does and doesn’t work. The focus is purely to turn you into the ‘natural‘ healthy eater without feeling deprived so it just becomes your new habit without having to stress or think about quick fixes. This simple system is split into three phases which is done for you and step by step which means you can’t go wrong. It’s consistent too as we provide you with ongoing monthly cookbooks once you have completed the first three phases. You also have options for high, medium or low levels of an accountability, support and inspiring network that my clients find is essential for their success following this program.

Link to full info breakdown: Real life texts I receive on a weekly basis:

Example client: One of my private clients Rick came to me complaining of digestion problems, insomnia and generally feeling tired on a daily basis, as well as wanting to shift his belly fat. (a common problem) He started the program and I will be totally honest with you, for 7 days it was tough because his body needed to adapt to the new foods and allow toxins to leave his system. For 10 years Rick had been taking a prescription drug called Omeprazol for his digestive issue which by the way was prescribed by doctors assuring him that the problem was not diet related.

10 days later Rick he told me he wasn’t taking the drug at all (which actually had serious side effects) and says now he has absolutely no need for it. 14 days in to the program Rick lost just over a stone in body weight and by the end of the 28 days he was sleeping like a baby! For years Rick felt swamped with advice, most of it poor, and worryingly most of it came from professionals.

Now Rick leads a very energetic, happy and prescription free lifestyle. Equipped with a big lesson in nutrition & lifestyle Rick is now able to make instant beneficial decisions with confidence.