Hand Crafted Soy Candle Makers of Hale.

Grays of Hale manufactures in Hale hand-poured bespoke scented candles in small batches using only the best eco-friendly and all-natural soy wax, premium fragrance oils, cotton and wood wicks, real gold leaf, real diamond dust, real platinum leaf and all hand poured into the finest cut glass bowls and glasses.

The business was set up 4 months ago buy a local couple Janet and Mark Jackson who saw a gap in the market for high end table decorations and beautiful hand crafted soy candles for your party, wedding or for just around your home.

“Jackson said We have seen soy in many things including china cups and small glass jars and decided the market needed a new high spec soy candle range”

Handmade Soy Candle By Grays of Hale @graysofhale
Soy Candle By Grays of Hale @graysofhale


Not all soy candles can compare or strive to meet the green goal of Grays of Hale. We do our best to keep a low carbon footprint by minimizing packaging and promoting recycling this is easy to achieve as nearly all our glass ware can be used for its original purpose after the candle has finished. Grays of Hale also offer a refill service with local delivery.

Grays of Hale strive for high quality and service in all they do, Should your business want some gifts made for your customers just ask us about our Private Label option for branding your company name or event onto a candle of your choice.

Why choose Our Soy Candles?

Read on for more benefits of Grays of Hale soy candles hand-poured by professional chandlers.

  • Our Soy Wax is made from soybeans.
  • 100% Cotton Wicks – no metal or lead.
  • 100% Crackling Wood wicks.
  • 100% recyclable vintage cut glass & tin containers.
  • Easy cleanup of spills with hot soapy water; treat the spill as you would any vegetable oil spill.
  • Each candle or wax melt is mixed and poured by hand in small batches in Hale Village.
  • Premium fragrance oils are mixed throughout the entire candle for hours of enjoyment.
  • Twice the burn time of most commercially made candles.
  • Burn clean with little to no soot which is great news for cleaning walls and ceilings.

For more information about Grays of Hale or for a free consultaion please Email Grayofhale@gmail.com. @Graysofhale

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