After leaving Hale on the train it was 4 stops and 17 minutes costing less than £10.00 for two adults to get to Plumley.  The Golden Pheasant literally being 5 minutes from the station it was a slick way to getting to a destination without anyone driving.

Gin originated from Holland who called it Jenever. It was sold as a drug for all ailments. The juniper was to give it a better flavour.


In the 1730s there was 7000 gin shops in London alone.

Hendricks 1999 12 botanicals – Made with 2 stills and one is vapour. The rose petals and cucumber are steeped for 38 hours and then vapoured. The remaining botanicals are cooked as they are strong flavours and then blended.  This is served with ice and cucumber.

ginn3Thomas Dakin 11 botanicals 1761 – Made in small batches and have red cole and horseradish as botanicals.  Thomas made the gin on Bridge street in Warrington and 1860 the recipe was under the guarandship of Greenalls. They burnt down in 2005 but the original dakin copper still survived.  Joanne Moore is the master distiller and she is making small batches again in Mancheter – served with ice and orange.

Beefeater 24 with 12 botanicals.  Named after the Beefeater and the only gin on the maiden voyage of the QE2.

Desmond Payne the master distiller was in Japan and asked for a gin but quinine in tonic is not allowed in Japan.  Not liking soda he made some green tea and it worked.  His botanicals now include Japanese and Chinese green teas.  There is a strong citrus note from grapefruit, seville orange and lemon – served with grapefruit wheel and elderflower tonic.

ginn4  ginn5

Blackwood’s Vintage 2nd Scottish Gin – This is made with traditional and native Shetland Botanicals.  The vintage changes with what is available each year and at the time of the harvest This does have sea pink Meadowsweet and marsh marigold.  The botanicals are steeped in local mineral water prior to distillation in a small copper still. – this has a citrus herby note served with lime and rosemary.

Brockmans – this has 10 botanicals including blueberries, blackberries, and it produces a very smooth gin and is served with grapefruit and 2 berries and tonic.

gin44  ginn7

Ophir – The name comes from the legendary region of great wealth in the days of King Soloman.  It is not know where this is but thought to be on the spice route.  The botanicals include black pepper coriander, cardomoms and cumin.  This has a sweet but spicy warm lingering flavour.  This is served with ginger and ginger ale or tonic.

It was fantastic to learn about these gins, taste them and realise that different tonics, fruits and shape and size of glass all add to the experience of tasting gin.

We had a wonderful time and advise anyone who likes gin to attend one of these evenings as they are both informative and fun – Chin Chin!

ginn8  ginn10

We had a great night and want to thank the Land Lord Phil for his kind invite, should you fancy a trip out for a pint or two with some great food then you should visit the The Golden Pheseant Plumley. “Try The Train” Fun and you can all relax and have a drink.

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