Manchester-based sales and marketing experts, Blue Moose has shared their top tips to help business professional earn more money and progress quicker

Personalised marketing specialists, Blue Moose are advocates of personal development and career progression. The firm helps their contractors to get the most out of their careers by helping them to develop the necessary skill sets required to get future along the professional ladder.


Here, the firm outline their top tips on how to get paid more and progress quicker:

1. Find a high-growth industry: 20% of the companies in any industry make 80% of the profits so it is important to research and find out which companies in certain industries are growing the quickest. These are the companies that it is working for.

2. Select the right boss: This is an important decision because working with the right people will influence how quickly a career is accelerated. “Your boss will have the biggest impact on how much you get paid, how much you enjoy your work and how quickly you get promoted, so it is important to interview them as much as they interview you,” states Blue Moose.


3. Develop a positive attitude: 85% of success at work is determined by attitude and personality. In turn, how much a person gets paid and how fast a promotion comes is largely influenced by how much that person is liked by others. People want to work with people they like and get on with.

4.Create a positive image: “Always dress for the level of success you want. Make sure your image reflects the leaders and not the followers,” reveals Blue Moose.

5.Start the earliest, work the hardest and stay the latest: In every business environment, everyone knows who the hard workers are. The hardest workers are the ones who are paid more and promoted fastest because they are the most productive. The top 10% of money-earners in the U.S. work 50 to 60 hours a week.




Blue Moose sees development and progression as two of the most important things within a career and, because of this, the company has incorporated it into the firm’s business model. Blue Moose provides driven and self-motivated individuals with opportunities to pursue an above average lifestyle through the firm’s business development opportunity.

The business development opportunity available at Blue Moose is a fast-track program to business success. It offers great hands-on sales and marketing mentoring to individuals looking to develop and progress their careers. Individuals learn basic sales skills including product branding, locating target demographics, and customer acquisition. Once the program has ended, individuals are trained to administer the sales and marketing campaign on behalf of their client into a brand new target market.