My experience with this salon started when speaking with the owner Angela and her enthusiasm for the products.

My experience with this salon started when speaking with the owner Angela and her enthusiasm for the products she has in her salon on Broomfield Lane Hale. Leading Aveda colour specialists whose wealth of knowledge shows as soon as you are welcomed through their salon door.

Angela recommended I speak with Billy regarding my hair which is a classic dry type but oily roots and always needing shine to be attained. Immediately I was put at ease and the place felt like they actually listened to what you asked for alongside their valued knowledge of what would work.

Opting for a darker colour underneath and lighter highlights over the top with an olaplex treatment for lasting gloss and shine.

Drinks were complimentary and served in trendy glassware which was very pleasant alongside current reading literature which is always great to catch up on latest trends and gossip.

Billy was a delight to listen to and had fantastic stories of the places he has cut hair in his many years of being a hairdresser from Dubai to Tenerife but what was nice to hear was how interested he was in making sure that each colour cut and blow dry was important to him to make sure that the client was leaving the salon delighted with their new look. I felt he was a master craftsman of his chosen profession.

The salon was far bigger than I had thought from looking through the window on passing by and beautifully kitted out with sleek lines and colour scheme.

Having my hair washed was a delight with the chairs which were more like beds and so comfortable.

Whilst my hair was coloured and cut Lucy the junior stylist was eagerly watching the master at work and capturing any tips that would be good for the future for her in her year three training.

Spending the morning at the salon the time just whisked by and the staff were very attentive.

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I was delighted with my finished hair and was very grateful for the opportunity to try out the salon and aveda products which by the way are not tested on animals and sold in the shop so you can take the products away which have been used by the staff in the salon recommended for your hair type.

So-Hale wishes Angela and the team the very best of luck for the future in their ever growing salon

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There will be more from Angela and the team with an article on the viridian nutrition wellness centre range of skin care that they have at the front of the shop which have been excellent in the treatment of acne.

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