Hale Karate Club members have been selected to represent England both Kata and Kumite disaplins.

Kay Prachunla (Black Belt) aged 16 and Alex Cockx (Black Belt) aged 16 are both regular members of the club and have been from 2012 when it first opened.

Altrincham Grammar School pupil Alex and Kay of Sale High School both worked very hard and nobody can question their dedication to their chosen sport and their club – Training five times every week and showing commitment has got then their call up for England.

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The club was founded by successful lawyer and entrepreneurial businessman Martin Cockx, as a vehicle for him to give back to the community and teach others the skills that helped him throughout his professional career.

Hale Karate club welcome children from as young as four years old, they also have a teenage and adult following many of these pupils are training for their black belt and hope to pass late 2016.

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