Eat Clean Cuisine first takeaway was established in January 2016 by Myles Smethurs in Latchford Warrington and has been a great success, on the back of this Myles has decided to bring his Clean food concept to Hale.

Eat Clean is not about Dieting, or fads, or pyramid schemes that people want to join or do to lose weight and look great. We are about convenience, health and value. If you eat with us, we are not going to affect your hormone balance, we are not going to make you feel hungry all day – the opposite in fact!


We are passionate about lifestyle change and healthy eating, that is the only way that people will look great and feel great, consistently!

Sohale met up with Myles and business partner Adam Atkinson at their new takeaway on Moss Lane opposite Altrincham Football Ground, due to open 9th January 2017 he explains what Eat Clean is all about:



(Above ,Adam Atkinson, Myles Smethurs  Founder of Eat Clean Janet Jackson SoHale).

In my spare time I have a passion for body building and weight training. But I have always struggled with my diet and found it hard to find somewhere to eat when trying to be healthy and without the hassle of cooking. This is where I came up with the idea of eat clean cuisine!

After a shoulder injury I put a fair bit of weight and was 17 stone and obese. After seeing a picture of myself I decided it was time to get back into shape. I dropped from 17 stone to 12 stone in a 16 week period using the same philosophy of eat clean cuisine with a balance of clean carbs, protein, vegetables and the import thing sauce! The sauce keeps you eating the healthy food without wanting to break. You don’t feel like it’s a diet but a lifestyle change.

I opened Eat Clean Cuisine in January 2016 and it has been phenomenal first year and I have helped  a lot of people lose weight and get to their goals with these simple rules. I soon learned, it was not just people that went to the gym that the concept appealed  too but everyone from every walk of life. This popularity lead me to look at expanding and  felt Hale was a perfect location. With the help of my school friend Adam  Atkinson we are making this a reality.

Adam Atkinson (Business Partner) Bio

After 17 years working for BT, I decided a career change was needed so took voluntary redundancy when it was offered. I have supported Myles from the start of his journey, helping him with his initial business plan and offering advice along the way. We discussed his desire to expand and I seen this as a great opportunity to get involved. I could see the culture change with more and more people becoming aware of the nutritional value of food. l lost 2 stone just by eating clean and recognise the huge gap in the market that Myles was targeting. With his vast experience and expertise in the kitchen, Eat Clean Cuisine has been a huge success over the last 12 months.

We look to further this success and share this simple concept with the people of Hale and surrounding areas. The initial response we have had since announcing our opening has been phenomenal, it just shows that the people of Hale are ready for this!

“We are about convenience and health, we serve high protein, clean carbohydrate meals, making eat clean not only affordable for you but convenient, we don’t believe in dieting and we are passionate about lifestyle change at Eat Clean Cuisine”.

“We are looking forward to providing great tasting healthy food to the residents of Altrincham and Hale and working with them to achieve their weight loss or training goals”.

TESTIMONIAL: Had my lunch from here today. I had the protein box- chicken, roasted veg, spicy rice & piri-piri sauce. Well worth the trip it was so tasty and filling. I will definitely be going back for more. —  Wendy Kane.

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