As we all hit January and healthy eating this shop is not only for weight loss, its for health eating, weight management and take away convenience.

Myles kindly invited So Hale to his Latchford Shop to sample his clean cuisine.  We picked from his extensive menu and combinations which was quick and easy and it was prepared in his open kitchen.  Each meal is put in a microwave container with details on how to reheat it.

We decided on chicken (protein) spicy rice (Pulse) brocolli (superfood) and Peri Peri (sauce) and this was delicious tasty and for all you hot sauce lovers a perfect dish (and it was hot!).

eatclean01  eatclean02

Next using the same 4 categories Halloumi, new potatoes, spinach and thai sauce – light fresh tasty and clean.

Steak, sweet potato mash, root veg and pepper sauce – completely comforting tasty filling and unbelieveable that it is healthy too!

Lastly king prawns (and they were big), noodles, green beans and sweet chilli sauce – a lovely combination and all these dishes together felt like clean eating without loosing any taste.

eatclean03  eatclean04

We finished off with  a pretty green smoothie consisting of  spinach, advocado, spiralina, lime, pineapple, mint, apple juice and flaxseed lovely and cold tasty easy to drink and left wanting more.

The meals were easy to heat, good portions and there are two sizes standard and large we had standard and these were ample for us.

eatclean05  eatclean06

So Hale wish Myles and Adam the very best for their venture into Hale and look forward to Monday 9th January when they open on Moss Lane. ” Team Sohale will be making a big effort in 2017 to eat well and we will be using Eat Clean Cuisine to help our quest”.

SoHale can only comment on the food served on the day mentioned, SoHale always work In line with our policy of upfront and honest opinion pieces. SoHale took all photos of the food eaten at the review.

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