Meet Dale. No-one knows our food like he does. As well as being COOK’s co-founder, he was also our original chef, so he’s the man behind many of the bestselling dishes. He’s no shrinking violet, either – and is our go-to guy when it comes to videos.

Choose a clip below and you’ll see the man himself (or a more camera-shy member of the team) present some of our most luxurious seasonal dishes: from the various Stress-Free Christmas lunch options and the phenomenal Beef Wellington to the sumptuous Salmon en Croute and our new Roast Duck & Cranberry Pie.

You’ll find some cooking tips and serving suggestions that you’ll find really useful this Christmas. (Just don’t tell Dale, he’ll get a big head.)

You will find Cook shops across the UK if you live in Hale you will find your in Hale Village at 190 Ashley Road, pop in and try some hot tasters.

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