For the past 17 years Clarke & Clarke has developed an enviable reputation for producing some of the most beautiful fabrics and wallcoverings to adorn our walls and windows. With two new collections launched every year, they continually lead the way with innovative designs that reflect today’s trends.

At the heart of Clarke & Clarke’s creative vision is the partnership of husband and wife team, Lee and Emma Clarke. Founded in 1999, they began with an ambition to create products that would inspire both consumers and interior designers but which would crucially be underpinned by impeccable service. Now the company distributes fabrics and wallcoverings to over 90 countries and their energy and enthusiasm has certainly delivered against their ambition to providequality, innovation and excellence in customer service.

Based in rural Cheshire, the dedicated design studio ensures that Clarke & Clarke collections are always on trend in both design and colour. For each new collection, research begins months in advance and can involve anything from trips to foreign countries through to taking inspiration from the catwalk.

One of their latest collections Black + White was inspired in just this way when their designers took inspiration from an exotic trip to Morocco. Tiles, mosaics and trellis patterns have been translated into black and white geometric weaves in a curation that brings together velvets &embroideries, essential plains and statement patterns. When teamed with a pop of bright colour, the resulting contrast brings a bold contemporary feel to your interior.


Working regularly with interior designs and stylists, Clarke and Clarke’s relentless pursuit for the next ‘big thing’ can often result in some inspired collaborations, none more exciting than their recent work with New York artist Kim Parker. This luscious range came from Kim’s desire to ‘create wallpapers and fabrics that transform rooms into lush, exuberant interior gardens’. A cacophony of fabulous florals, thirteen pieces of Kim’s original art were carefully translated into beautiful printed linen, velvet fabrics and digital wallpapers that when teamed with plain velvets or stripes creates a colourful but sophisticated look.

In contrast to the florals of the Kim Parker collection is the eclectic nature of the Chateau collection, inspired by visits to Paris and the refined chic of a grand Parisian hotel. Chateau epitomises distinctive elegance with luminous damasks alongside an eclectic mix of bold stripes, luxury animal patterns and intricate geometrics. The black and white weaves are brought alive when sat alongside rich golden furnishing and cushions, and by clashing animal prints with geometrics you can create a home that is truly unique.

For those seeking a grander, more opulent feel the Imperial collection will exceed all your expectations. From the stately homes of England to the palaces of India, this imposing collection of decorative fabrics delivers pure luxury. Jacquard weaves and embroideries are portrayed in indulgent shades of ebony, antique gold and ivory whilst wallcoverings are covered in metallic lustres and intricate patterns. This luxurious range is one of our favourites and when assembled together provide you with a rich decadent feeling home, your very own palace of pure luxury.


So what trends are Clarke and Clarke predicting for the end of 2016 and early 2017? We’ve been granted a sneaky peak of their Sept collections and we can tell you they’ve most definitely excelled themselves. Trips to Uzbek in Central Asia, research into the history of the ancient Silk Road trade routes and the earthy tones of African fabrics have all helped inspire this next series of collections, and are sure to feature in the homes of our readers come next year.  “News-Online-Anytime” our platform is read by over 32,000 visitors a month, and is the fastest growing Lifestyle Magazine for Hale Village and beyond.  #so #sobrand #sohale