This Christmas, homes up and down the land will fling their doors open and welcome a multitude of friends and family. Inevitably, this can test festive cheer and challenge the notion of peace on earth and goodwill to all men. But fear not! High-street retailer Robert Dyashas come up with a simple house guest survival guide to keep the true Christmas spirit alive.

Jodie Harris, Robert Dyas’ Head Elf said, “Having a house full of guests over the Christmas period can be stressful. Subsequently, many dread the festive season instead of looking forward to what should be a special time of the year shared with family and friends. Planning ahead can make Christmas visits a really festive affair for everyone.

“We firmly believe that having family and friends to stay over the Christmas period should be a real pleasure, and guests should be made to feel very welcome. Thankfully, we have a good strategy to ensure that goodwill prevails.”


Planning ahead can make Christmas visits a really festive affair for everyone

Christmas Guest Survival Guide 20 Festive Tips

1. Confirm visitor dates and number of guests well in advance to avoid a last-minute panic.

2. It is essential to ensure that guest departure dates are quite specific. Do not give your visitors any opportunity to outstay their welcome!

3. Decide well ahead of time where is the best place in your home to accommodate your extra guests.

4. Clear any clutter from the room and make space for your guest’s belongings in a wardrobe or drawer.

5. Prepare a list of all guest room requirements such as extra bedding, spare towels (£4.99) or anair mattress (£46.99).

6. Check you have sufficient homeware for any additional catering that might be required such as a heated buffet server (£79.99).

7. Check any special dietary requirements with your guests.

8. Prepare a shopping list and avoid the Christmas rush by placing any orders well in advance.

9. Create a warm and welcoming festive-themed guest room with Christmas inspired bedding(£17.99-£29.99) or a cosy penguin bed set (£17.99-£29.99)

10. Add some thoughtful finishing touches, if your budget allows, such as a pretty wooden sign with lights (£19.99) or an exquisite lit wreath (£11.99) to create a cosy glow.

11. A fuss-free, pre-lit Christmas tree (£99.99) could save you precious time at this busy time of year.

12. Remember, it’s your Christmas too and for you to remain the angelic host throughout the festive season a few ground rules are required.

13. Always ask for help with the cooking and washing up. There is no point in crashing around in the kitchen feeling resentful because nobody offered to assist.

14. Head for bed if you’re feeling tired! An exhausted, cranky host will put everyone on edge.

15. Try to stick roughly to your normal routine.

16. Insist that basic house rules are followed such as wiping feet, playing music at a tolerable volume and definitely no Christmas carols after 10:00 PM regardless of how much mulled wine has been consumed.

17. Don’t offer non-stop entertainment. You are the host, not the headline act.

18. If it’s time for your guests to leave, do not be afraid to say so.

19. Most of all, sit back, relax and share this wonderful time of the year with your loved ones.

20. And If Christmas turns out to be a challenge, remember there’s always next year.