This business is the baby of Rebecca and born out of her need for baby foods she was happy with – Her story below.

“When it was time to start weaning my daughter I was shocked at the lack of healthy, nutritious convenience foods out there. Heat treated gunk that always seemed to be orange….. even if it was a potato! Let’s face it, none of us have the time to make every meal for our little ones from scratch…. no matter how much we wish we could. So I set about working on Cheshire Baby Kitchen, providing healthy fresh meals and purees made from my home kitchen. We’re now in our 10th month and are going from strength to strength.

We offer homemade, nutritionally balanced baby food, delivered straight to your door. Using the freshest, Organic ingredients to create a delicious and healthy choice for babies.

We personally pick the freshest ingredients and gently cook them to the optimal point to preserve all their nutritional value and flavour. Meals are offered in a range of Stages from First Tastes right up to 12 months made using ingredients sourced from local independent Farm shops in the area. Nutritionally your babies first year is perhaps the most important of all. Introducing them to a wide range of delicious first foods leads to lifelong healthy eating habits as they grow.

Cheshire Baby Kitchen is here to help busy parents who want only the best, natural, ingredients for their babies. We personally pick the freshest, healthy ingredients and gently cook them to the optimal point to preserve all their nutritional value and flavour. All meals are delivered frozen, ready to place in your freezer to bring out at a convenient time. Meals can be defrosted in approx. 1 minute.

Simply choose your meals, pick a convenient time for you and we will do the rest.

Our menu includes items free of dairy, eggs, soy, gluten and nuts. However, while some of our meals will be free from these ingredients, they are produced in a home kitchen. PLEASE DO NOT ORDER IF YOUR BABY HAS A SEVERE ALLERGY.

Food will arrive frozen and will need to be placed into a freezer straight away. Food can be kept stored in the freezer for up to 3 weeks. Food will need to be defrosted prior to use and heated to the desired temperature.PLEASE ALWAYS CHECK THE TEMPERATURE OF FOOD BEFORE FEEDING TO YOUR CHILD. Since we only use natural fresh ingredients with no preservatives or fillers, our products have a shorter shelf life, Please consume products within 24 hours of defrosting.

Current government guidelines recommend that babies are started on solid foods at 6 months, but all babies are different. Please consult your health professional before starting to wean your child.

Address 1 Elm Ridge Drive, Hale Barns, Cheshire,WA15 0JE Phone 07960 708 507

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