Rebecca invited Sohale in to sample their offerings for Breakfast at Gastronomy.  After ordering our Earl Grey Tea and Black Coffee which both came with a home-made biscuit – a lovely touch we ordered the yummy Greek yoghurt with fresh banana honey and omega seeds.  This was lovely and  I was surprised and the honey was light sweet and served in a small dish at the side.

Next was eggs Benedict a real favourite and most popular – this was served with perfectly cooked poached eggs which were free range and very fresh.  The hollandaise was not overpowering and a great texture and consistency and we chose to have it with crispy parma ham but you could have smoked salmon instead all served on a toasted muffin.

tea shot1

Also on the menu was advocado on toast topped with softly poached eggs and served with grilled tomatoes.  The advocado was fresh ripe but not mushy and served on crispy brown toast.

orange eggs eggs2  g

We had a glass of the freshly squeezed orange juice with bits and it was fantastic. So if you find yourself out and about in the lovely Hale Village and are looking for something great to start your day then we would say pop in and try Gastronomy.

Thanks to all at gastronomy and we will be back very soon. SoHale can only comment on the food served on the day mentioned, SoHale always work In line with our policy of upfront and honest opinion pieces. SoHale took all photos of the food eaten at the review.

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