This fabulous club was founded in 1873 within the Bowdon Bowling and Croquet club. Separately established in 1911 and relocated to the present site. Affiliated to the Croquet Association and the North West of England Federation of Croquet Club.

It is an all round the year club with the summer season starting end of March and the Winter playing season starting at the end of October.

It has an intensive calendar of events throughout the year and is one of the top five lawns in the country.

The club only has 100 memberships available per year for full playing members and 100 places for non playing members. Junior members are also welcome.

It is surprising how large the croquet club is and the beautiful lawns and areas for the club to use.

Bowdon croquet club is proud to be a member of the Croquet Association. The governing body for the sport in England. Three key parts of the CA’s work are:

It develops and controls national coaching system and trains and appoints coaches at all levels.

It maintains and develops the laws of the game; liaises with the world croquet federations and other countries’ law bodies; and trains and examines referees.

It operates the national handicap systems for both Associations and golf croquet, including the appointment of handicappers.

At Bowdon they all benefit from this and they have trained people who can help you improve your game or answer questions about the laws and handicaps.

Taster days are available early in the year so please do look out for more information on this site for next years dates.

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