We specialise in 4ft x 2ft vintage illuminated letters to provide a stunning “focal point” and the perfect backdrop for any celebration! Guaranteed to amaze and excite your guests! We are based in the North West and cover the Manchester, Cheshire area and beyond.


LettersCelebrate can provide vintage letters for weddings, birthdays and corporate events. The only restriction is your imagination! From our ever popular LOVE letters to MR & MRS even initials we have the whole alphabet covered! Of course we have numbers too, so If your planning a special birthday or corporate event we can provide the solution.

Wedding Light up Letters. With Wedding light up letters from Love to Mr & Mrs or your own idea. Choose a centerpiece for your special day.


Impress your clients! Corporate events, launch event for new business or product. Celebrations and Christmas Parties.

dance letters

Add sparkle to your party! Special birthday party, anniversary event, light up their name. We have all the numbers covered too. Light Up Words. You can spell out anything! With our light up words, you can create your own words, we have the whole alphabet and numbers covered too.


Maybe just PARTY or DANCE or spell out the company name. Want to know more about our Light Up Letter Hire? Contact us: HERE