Earle Hale.

SoHale were invited to do a food review at Earle Hale – and we were looking forward to the evening so much.

Celebrity chef Simon Rimmer’s Earle occupies a prime location in Hale Village, just a short walk is Hale station, where there is parking which is free after 6PM.

There’s a boutique hotel feel to Earle Hale. The decoration is smart urban with lots of wood, exposed brickwork and lots of soft lighting. Tables are spaced sufficiently apart to add to the intimate feel. The new look decor with fabulous up to date colouring and fabrics makes this an enjoyable environment to sit in.

Earle has been established for a long while now in Hale Village and of course being owned By Simon Rimmer celebrity Chef has a lot to live up to. 

Earle is now offering a new look menu for weekend early dining @ £20 and a fish and chip Dinner (Chippy Tea) with a glass of quality Champagne included makes it a bargain at £15.00.

We were served by James, the manager a relative newcomer to the Earle Restaurant but already fitting in with their high level of customer service.  He already had a busy restaurant as we arrived at 6.30pm. Glasses of champagne were served which were lovely and chilled – a great start to the weekend.

Deciding we would be trying the traditional Friday night dinner which is a firm favourite of many Earle customers “I could not wait”. So Hale also decided that trying off the three course menu and using the staff’s knowledge of their foods would be a great addition.



Ham hock terrine, crispy poached egg, pineapple gel and toasted brioche looked stunning when arriving at the table and the texture of the terrine was super.  Mixed with the perfectly cooked egg and unusual pineapple gel the flavours were great .Toasted brioche brought another element to the dish and that was a dark horse on the plate and left us wanting more.



Next served was the fish and chips – a glorious piece of fish (large in size large in flavours) lightly beer battered and crisp sitting on a bed of  home made fat chips – alongside a pot of ‘proper’ tartare sauce and stunning mint pea puree. It did not disappoint – everything about this simple meal was a true pleasure and trying all the elements separately showed the true depth of flavours they had managed to achieve. The portion was a great size and value for money excellent.



Next was the slow roast lamb breast with pea and mint puree confit leeks and courgettes and roasting juices.  A very well put together dish the lamb being excellently cooked and just literally falling off the fatty outer layer which of course provides lots of the flavours to the lamb.  It was great that it was an easy to eat dish with the vegetables and juices making it moist.  A great choice for meat lovers and with lamb at the top of your choice of you will be in for a treat.



Deciding on deserts James and his team chose for us sticky lemon sponge vanilla custard and roast apricots.  Feeling that anything lemon is a sure winner for me this dish was tasty and fun, the element of the apricots gave a new appreciation for an underused fruit.  The warm custard was perfect and left us feeling a little jealous of how custard should really look and taste!



Next was honey roasted oat flapjack and ginger stem ice cream with raspberry coulis – sweet crunchy oaty and wonderful the edgy ginger totally complimenting a very well made desert.

So What Do We Think?

Earle is the type of place you could sit with a beer for a while and watch the world and the Stars of Hale go by.

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