Tom Melody describes his decision to up sticks and move his business to the Hale Country Club as a light bulb moment for him.

If it is a bit of motivation you need, then look no further than our story today.  There are a large of number of successful people in Hale, it is what makes the area so great! Realising the opportunity is what brought Tom Melody here 4 years ago.  Tom Melody today is a Personal Trainer and Motivational Speaker with a long list of achievements,

  • Developing a niche as the go to guy for a large number Premier League footballers
  • multiple appearances as the expert on BBC Radio
  • international engagements in USA and Europe
  • Published article in Hale & Bowdon Magazine

To name just a few.  However, this has not always been the case.

His greatest client achievement is working with Tim Howard (Above), US Men’s National Team Goal Keeper. Here’s Tim after his 6 weeks transformation program for a PETA campaign. He transformed his physique from 12% body fat to 6% and increased his muscle mass by over 6kg! Tom & Tim are now best friends and Tim is going to be best man at his upcoming wedding.

Tom describes his decision to up sticks and move his business to the Hale Country Club as a light bulb moment for him.

“I nearly didn’t make the decision.  I was comfortable at (the then named) FX Leisure in Leyland.  I had clients that I had had for a couple of years and it would have been very easy to stay in my comfort zone.”The owners of the country club spotted the potential in Tom and his best friend urged him to make the move.  “I had essentially decided to stay where I was.  It wasn’t until a week after the club opened that I realised I wanted more and was no longer satisfied in my comfort zone.  In one day I transferred my clients onto my colleagues and sold my car to fund my first 10 days or so!”  Tom goes onto explain that restarting his business from zero all over again was a daunting step to make.  This was soon forgotten and he fell in love with the surroundings of the Hale Country Club immediately.

The marble in the reception area, the beautifully decorated bar and restaurant. As well as the state of the art fitness facility of course.  It was a far cry from where Tom had started his Personal Training career.  Bringing our story forward to today and Tom has positioned himself as one of the highest performing trainers in the country completing almost 14,000 personal training sessions in 4 years!

Are you a personal trainer? Do you want to know how you can develop a business like Toms? We have 3 of Tom Tips for a thriving personal training business.

  1. Set a Goal– I made the decision, day one, to become the busiest personal trainer in Cheshire. This included personal training companies!  I started a week after the other trainers and they were already beginning to pick up clients and make a name for themselves.  Without having this goal it would have been easy to be discouraged.
  2. Learn More to Earn More– As one of the younger members of the team I was over 5 years behind most of the other trainers as far as experience was concerned.  In order to be the best I had to set myself apart and become an expert.  I went on a number of courses such as learning hormonal analysis in Sweden, and a strength coaching course.  Creating a knowledge base where you can guarantee results is crucially important and clients buy into this.
  3. VALUE– it is all too common in the fitness industry where personal trainers are not concentrating on their clients.  They seem disinterested and bored.  This is something I teach to new trainers.  In order to guarantee frequent referrals, over deliver on value and service.  For example, send their program when you say you will, be on time, and most of all make your client feel important.  They are important.  The gym is a scary place for many people and it is your job as their trainer to make them feel comfortable so they can concentrate on working hard and achieving their goals.

What is the future for Tom?

Tom’s entrepreneurial spirit means he is always open to opportunities.  The future looks bright for the number one personal trainer in Hale.  He is looking into developing training programs for personal trainers to improve their businesses as well as moving into Business Coaching for sales based companies.  He will never forget where it all started with the move to the Hale Country Club.  “I wouldn’t be the person I am today if the gym hadn’t been built, and if I hadn’t made the move.  I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities Hale Has brought me.”

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