Reflexology is an amazingly powerful holistic therapy that supports the body to function at its optimal level. Alison Ford offers ‘Clinical Reflexology’, which is underpinned by in-depth anatomy and physiology training, and hours of skills and technique practice at the highest level available in the UK.

This holistic treatment combines what is traditionally seen as simply a relaxing complementary therapy, with a full health consultation and individually tailored treatment to provide a thorough and powerful boost to health and wellbeing.


(Above Alison Ford). Reflexology is based on the premise that specific areas on the hands and feet (reflexes) correspond to all organs and systems of the body. By using precise pressure techniques on specific reflexes, Alison aims to support the body to achieve and maintain homeostasis; a natural state that the body continually strives to achieve.


(Above Alison in action).Concentrated work on reflexes that relate to underlying causes of ill-health and areas of imbalance, ensures a focused treatment that makes a real difference to how Alison’s clients feel. Many more people are turning to reflexology to help with a variety of health and lifestyle issues.


More information is available on Alison’s website . Alison offers reflexology clinics at 381 Footcare on Stockport Road in Timperley on Mondays and Fridays. Evening appointments and home visits are also available.