What could be better than starting the week off with a Monday treat of Afternoon Tea.

After being seated Champagne arrived as always from Victor’s beautifully chilled and accompanying it was fresh strawberries on ice – simple and stunning.

After checking for allergies or any dietary requirements Lucy brought out the traditional 3 tiered plates with the bottom row being quaint sandwiches, middle row homemade scones and top tier the selection of cakes.

A well balanced selection of sandwiches we started with – fresh cucumber on white, fresh ham with subtle mustard, cheese and pickle and smoked salmon on brown light airy and just what was needed whilst sipping our champagne.


The scones looked very inviting and came with clotted cream and tiptree jam in miniature jars very very cute.

Blueberry and almond cake but a muffin style very tasty and lovely size.

Raspberry and white chocolate éclair wih vanilla cream inside and fresh raspberries one of my favourites.

Chocolate Cake ganache style filled with cherry which was heavenly and a chocoholic first choice.

Lemon Meringue which was tarty soft and chewy pomegranates and edible flowers such a lovely colour being a pretty yellow.

Choice of tea or coffee – We chose earl grey with Lemon to round it all off.

Thank you to the guys for a well spent afternoon as we left full to the rafters having eaten such sweet treat.

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