An absolutely amazing setting nestled in the heart of Manchester is Hotel Gotham. Standing tall and proud this building hides some fantastic features which really need to be seen.

So-Hale was invited to join Tricia to talk about how the last eight weeks have been moving into Hale Village – hosting their evening at Hale Wine Bar and getting on with ever important work!

After taking in the spectacular views and ordering the champagne afternoon tea Tricia spoke firstly on how they have settled well into their offices on Broomfield Lane and have enjoyed immersing themselves into the village lifestyle.

As we enjoyed the savoury section first we discussed how the recruitment market was extremely busy at present both on the temporary and permanent side. Tricia as always so proud of her brand and her staff who are highly motivated and target achieving people and are reaping the rewards of years of hard work by placing more staff than they had imagined in this two month period.

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We moved onto the luxury cakes before the scones and the taste was definitely as good as their looks. Tricia had won lately a number of large contracts which she and the team are very pleased about and now working local to her home is great for her and her family too.

Fitting in the scones which just had to be done we finished off our afternoon with breakfast and earl grey tea, sat back and enjoyed the views and beautiful design of the room and then returned in the car back to Hale to retire.

So-Hale thanked Tricia for the update on her business and we wish her and the team all the best.

SoHale can only comment on the food served on the day mentioned, SoHale always work In line with our policy of upfront and honest opinion pieces. SoHale took all photos of the food eaten at the review.

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