Stop landfill and expensive incineration by building a house! I wanted to use all my experience and also develop new innovative ideas.


When recycling expert Angus Carnie decided to create a new home in his native Carnoustie it was always going to involve recycling and Eco based but the end results have even surpassed all his expectations!

Carnie in a recent interview confirmed “I wanted to use all my experience and also develop new innovative ideas. My main aim was that wherever possible to use materials that had passed their useful lives and recreate into something totally different particularly if these items are currently going to landfill or expensive disposal!

However I wanted the house to be very normal from an everyday point of view.”

Now complete the house looks like a traditional Scottish log cabin but the list of recycled elements is really endless.

Firstly the log cabin is painted using a special mixture containing waste toner powder from photocopier which currently all goes to landfill. The insulation is super efficient and made from waste printer bottles which are extremely difficult recycle.

The work tops are made from waste plastic hospital bed sheets which currently have to incinerated at huge cost to the NHS. The internal walls are made from fast food packaging and apart from the obvious litter advantages they have many other advantages such as lighter, no maintenance and repel water – particularly useful in bathrooms.

Damaged pallets are used for fencing and in other areas.

Internally Carnie’s theme of ‘I used to be something else’ is everywhere!

The kitchen units are made from damaged confidential waste bins, furniture includes whisky barrel and orchard boxes, electronic waste as coasters, jam jars as light fittings, coffee table from electrical cable reel and so on!

Of course any Eco house needs to be self sufficient so Carnie’s home is powered by solar and wind! Water comes from his own rain harvesting and water filter system and even has its own waste system for a complete fully sustainable home!

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